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The Packwoods Super Skunk cannabis strain, is currently one of the most popular strains of all time. The strain was created by the legendary breeders at Sensi Seeds. It is a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani genetics. Also, Skunk #1 was a hybrid to begin with. When it cross with indica Afghani genetics, the result is a heavily indica dominant hybrid in the form of Super Skunk.

The indica cannabis strain named Super Skunk, derives its name from its scent. Smelling ultra-skunky with an earthy, sweet aftertaste. Its buds grow to be dense and light green in color, with brown pistils and a plethora of trichomes. The THC levels of Super Skunk can vary broadly, with its highest potency topping off at around 19%. Its high will help relieve body pains and uplift the spirits, pushing any stresses of the day aside. Reviewers have noted that this strain will help increase creativity and encourages carefree attitudes.


The heavy, Indica-style body buzz is good for medical users. You can use it all times of day for pain relief. Use it at night to calm anxiety and alleviate insomnia. People with headaches and cramps also use the relaxing cannabis strain. Specifically this helps with,

  • Packwoods Super Skunk offers both calming and uplifting benefits. Many patients use it for its surprisingly potent sedative
    effects. At the same time, it provides mood-enhancing effects, along with a sense of euphoria and happiness;
    however, its tendency to sedate makes it unsuitable for those seeking a physical burst of energy or focus.
  • Helps with depression. Caryophyllene is the main terpene responsible for Super Skunk’s effects. Its mood enhancing properties help individuals with depression. However, it will only exacerbate fatigue. Its calming effects do allow this strain to be effective for anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD and PTSD.
  • The same terpene also contributes to Packwoods Super Skunk’s analgesic properties. Users with chronic pain, back pain,
    neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis will find relief with this strain.
  • Evidence also suggests that caryophyllene has anti-cancer properties. Patients with cancer should consider
    Super Skunk as an option for reducing the spread of tumour cells.
  • People with trouble eating, such as those with chemotherapy-induced nausea, may like this strain as it is known to boost the appetite.

Overall, I would definitely suggest the Packwoods Super Skunk strain to consumers. Skunky strains seem to be less common as the years go by, which is a shame. The Super Skunk cannabis strain may not smell as fruity as other strains that are rising in popularity, but it’s very potent and a great strain for people that want to get really high.


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