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Packwoods Cherry AK-47

The sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain , Packwoods Cherry AK-47, is a phenotype of AK-47. This combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghanistan land-race strains. It is named for its red color and mildly fruity, tart flavor. This marijuana strain is a rare cherry phenotype of AK-47.

Therefor, with its reddish-purple characteristics and cherry aroma, it’s no wonder how Cherry AK-47 got its name. Similarly, the buds have gold coloring with lime-green leaves layers, with trichome heads. It has, a THC level of up to 17% and a CBD level of 0.8%, Cherry AK-47 “creeps” up from a cerebral effect to a complete body sensation.

Effects Of Packwoods Cherry AK-47

One of the best things about most cannabis strains, is in its ability to swing the mood. In the case of Packwoods Cherry AK-47, it does a wondrous job, of uplifting one’s mood. For one thing, The 70% Sativa-dominant Cherry AK-47 assaults the head at the onset, taking care of business by wiping away the negative forces. As a result, consumers are left feeling happy in the aftermath, or for some, even euphoric.

With a THC level that measures, to reach up to 26%, this strain is not to be taken for granted. The psychoactive ingredients of this strain, does not only give an intense mental high but one that could also feel psychedelic. For this reason, first-time users of cannabis are better off starting with a milder strain.

Although, the Indica side of Packwoods Cherry AK-47 is smaller, its effects on the body are evident as it starts to creep in. As the intensity level of the cerebral high tapers a little, consumers start feeling the body relaxing. The effects from Cherry AK tend to be very uplifting, energizing, and thought-provoking, especially when medicating with smaller quantities of the strain. However, when consuming larger quantities, some patients report Cherry AK as euphoric, entrancing, and even a bit overwhelming at times.


It tastes more like citrus with sweet cherry blended in. Packwoods Cherry AK-47 pretty much smells like cherry. With just one whiff, its strong sweet scent tickles the nostrils. As the smoke lingers, it also reveals an earthy diesel undertone that gives it a more serious note. This cannabis is truly a pleasant-smelling strain that makes users want more.



Being a pure Sativa cut, this medical marijuana strain comes highly recommended by patients as daytime medication or early morning wake and bake sessions. Patients suffering from psychological concerns very much favor this cannabis. Its ability to clear the mind and infuse happy thoughts ward off negative vibes. As such, those struggling with stress and depression feel much lighter even with just a toke.


 Moreover, its Indica component is also very beneficial to people agonizing over chronic pains. It helps manage muscle spasms, joint pains, and other body aches.


Furthermore, the phenotype can lull Insomniacs to sleep as well. Packwoods Cherry AK-47 has the capacity to put one in a very relaxed state which will eventually lead to a good, long sleep. If taken in larger amounts, it may prepare anyone for a restful slumber in no time.


it is also valuable to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. This cannabis benefits cancer patients without unwanted side effects of synthetic medications.

Eating Disorder

Finally, it helps those battling eating disorders. As it effectively induces hunger, the sufferers will find food extra appealing in no time. With constant use, it can also cause weight gain.






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