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Cereal Carts Cupcake Pebbles

Cereal Carts Cupcake Pebbles is a brand of Pebbles cereal, which tastes like cupcake batter. These herbal Cupcake Pebbles go way beyond hitting, enticing, and enhancing the senses. All while tasting just as amazing as the sugary delight and showing up equally as colorful too.

This is a highly concentrated blend, we recommend using Cereal Carts for hitting. All of the terpenes in our blends are natural. Meaning, they come from natural sources, such as fruits or flowers. We absolutely do not incorporate synthetic terpenes in our blends, as they are unsafe and often times carcinogenic. If you’re looking for a cereal that tastes and smells like a simple, vanilla-frost, yellow-batter cupcake, look no further.

The box gives the impression that this cereal might be sickeningly sweet. Even the title of “Cupcake Pebbles ” partially covers the frost on the front of the box. This cereal isn’t necessarily sickeningly sweet, but you do get what you pay for.


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